Fibaro FGBS001 temperature sensors disappeared

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Fibaro FGBS001 temperature sensors disappeared

Post by DomoJev » Sunday 12 August 2018 16:18

I have fibaro FGBS001 "binary sensor", equipped with 3 temperature sensors that sit in my swimming pool. They used to work fine up to about two weeks ago. All of a sudden, the sensor disappeared completely from the air. So I disassembled the sensor, reset it and it worked fine again - for about half an hour, that is. The sensor than disconnected again.

I decided to exclude it from the network, reset it and re-include it. For some weird reason, the newly included setup shows the binary inputs only, no temperature sensors. What's up with that? Is there any known issue with the temperature sensors on this thing? There is* data communication between CPU and sensors, I guess it is an advertisement issue of some sort.

Please note the configuration for the sensors stems from a previous version of domoticz. The new configuration is made through v4.9700 (running on a raspberry pi), as far as I know that should be the latest and greatest stable version, right?

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Re: Fibaro FGBS001 temperature sensors disappeared

Post by gizmocuz » Monday 13 August 2018 14:37

is there a way you can verify that the temp sensors actually still work ? Maybe there are burned ?
You could enable the ozw logging and disable/enable the ozw hardware, then look into the log if you see temp values changing
(then disable the log asap as it will consume a lot of data), en disable/enable the hardware again
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