Wall-plug timeout but still presented as On in Dashboard

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Wall-plug timeout but still presented as On in Dashboard

Post by splitfile » Tuesday 07 August 2018 23:45

Version: V4.9769
Build Hash: e9eb04a5
Build Date: 2018-07-15 14:50:31
Platform: Linux Debian Stretch
Plugin/Hardware: Aotec Z-Stick gen5, and some Wall Plugs


Hi all!

I have this zwave wall-plug that I use for the christmas lights. Since it is summer the wall-plug is not connected to any electrical-outlet (it is lying on my desk). But it is still present in my Lua scripts, so when it gets dark in the evening Domotics tries to switch it on like my other wall-plugs.

As expected I see this in the log:

Status: OpenZWave: Received timeout notification from HomeID: 3290178874, NodeID: 20 (0x14)

On the Domoticz dashboard the switch is however marked as "on" (The light-bulb icon is turned "on"). Should it be like that? Shouldn't it be presented as "Off", since it got a time out?


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