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Domoticz as a hotspot

Post by blauwebuis » Tuesday 07 August 2018 12:44

I couldn't find any mention of it on the forum, so I was curious:

Has anyone set up their Raspberry Pi as a captive Wifi Hotspot? So you connect to the hotspot you would be shown the Domoticz interface.

Is that possible? What's the best way to get there?

This is my dream situation:
- Create an image that has Domoticz already on it. Users place the SD in a Raspberry Pi, and then discover a new secure WiFi network.
- They connect to the secure wifi network, enter the password, and are greeted with the Domoticz interface.
- Through the interface users can change the hotspot's wifi password into something else.

So far that seems possible. But this is where I'm less sure:
- Ideally, users could fill in the wifi name and password of their existing network, and then the Raspberry Pi would get connected to that too. The interface would then show you which IP address you would need to type in when you are connected to your home network.
So there would be two simultaneously active ways to get to the Domoticz interface: connect to the wifi hotspot, or go via your own network.
- perhaps then hotspot entrypoint could transform into a 'guest' mode, where you can easily allow guests to control part of Domoticz. By entering a password you can get back into 'full' domoticz.

It would make connecting Domoticz to a home network very beginner friendly.

// As I'm researching this further, it does seem possible to be client and access point at the same time.

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