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Target OS: Raspberry Pi
Domoticz version: v3.5877

Selector problem

Post by gnomosg » Wednesday 01 August 2018 19:36

Hi all,

I have problem with selector switch after upgrade to last stable.
Linux raspberrypi 4.14.50+ #1122 Tue Jun 19 12:21:21 BST 2018 armv6l GNU/Linux
Version: 4.9700
Build Hash: a3a45906
Compile Date: 2018-06-23 16:24:51
dzVents Version: 2.4.6
Python Version: 3.4.4 (default, Apr 17 2016, 16:02:33) [GCC 5.3.1 20160409]

I has some problem with view of selector switch on mobile device web browser - the are not visible, switches "below" selector was not displayed too.
I try to investigate it on the forum and clear browser cache (via chrome://appcache-internals) - then selector switches disappear totally on the PC web browser also (chrome, firefox) - and about half of normal switches too... :cry:

in firefox I see error in console:
ReferenceError: b64DecodeUnicode is not defined DashboardController.js:67:5

Has anybody know solution for proper displaying selector switches?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Selector problem

Post by 01ste02 » Monday 06 August 2018 10:15


I had the same problem as you, and I thought that I should share the solution that I found.

Since b64DecodeUnicode is not defined, I simply added the function to the LightController.js (in my case, but I suspect that it will work no matter what .js file you put it in) I added the following code on line five of LightController.js:

Code: Select all

b64DecodeUnicode = function b64DecodeUnicode(str) {
			return decodeURIComponent(atob(str).split('').map(function(c) {
			return '%' + ('00' + c.charCodeAt(0).toString(16)).slice(-2);
Then I restarted the Domoticz system, and voilá!

Hope this fixes your problem!

Posts: 6
Joined: Sunday 05 February 2017 14:35
Target OS: Raspberry Pi
Domoticz version: v3.5877

Re: Selector problem

Post by gnomosg » Tuesday 07 August 2018 23:31

Thanks for your help.
I investigate a little and found 2 files inside "domoticz/www/js" catalog:
"domoticz.js" and "domoticz.js.gz"
First one has function "b64DecodeUnicode" defined inside, but the second not!
Probably it was old file which was not removed during upgrade process, I think.
The same situation was with 3-4 another files.
After removing *.js.gz files web page works good :)
Check this :)

Thanks again Oskar :)

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Re: Selector problem

Post by SweetPants » Friday 10 August 2018 14:08

You should delete domoticz.js.gz from www/js folder if domoticz.js is present
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