Z-Wave update problem on 4.9701 stable

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Z-Wave update problem on 4.9701 stable

Post by febalci » Tuesday 31 July 2018 15:28

Using Ubuntu 18.04, Domoticz 4.9701 Stable...

Since i upgraded Domoticz stable to 4,9701 I have this weird update problems on ZWave roller shutters. Using qubino flush roller shutters.

As you can see below, the "Sinema Panjuru" roller shutter is physically closed, It writes "Closed" on the button, but the slide is not reflecting that it is closed. Btw, all shutters are "Blind Percentage Inverted". In ozw control panel Node 17 is "Off". This problem is not only with the Node 17, it changes within the day, other nodes behave erratically as well. Although the control panel and button text and icon shows "Closed", the slider shows that it is open. Also, when i query json values, the "Sinema Panjuru" Status is "Closed" however the Level and LevelInt values are "99", whereas they should be "0" for Closed roller shutters. Is this a problem with ozw or domoticz or my hardware?
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