HomeEasy (HE867) and RFlink only works by relearning...

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HomeEasy (HE867) and RFlink only works by relearning...

Post by McWil » Sunday 29 July 2018 22:17

I was not able to control my HomeEasy HE867 on/off plug/switch from Domoticz with RFLink, even though Domoticz could receive the signals from the remote. As I could not find anything online to help me fix it, I think it might be helpful to tell here how I solved it:

I first used the remote to have domoticz capture the code and create a device and made that into a active switch. Turning on/off that switch from domoticz doesn't fysically work (though it responds to the remote in domoticz itself). I then put the HE867 switch into learning mode and turned it on/off once from domoticz and then it learns the code and it works flawlessly, both from domoticz as well as from the remote. Both are recognized from the same code/ID. So I am not sure why it does not work directly but this works too...


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