Blocky overrides manual switch toggle

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Blocky overrides manual switch toggle

Post by i3laze » Sunday 29 July 2018 8:48

I've got a Blocky script (trigger=Device) for a switch, dependent on temperature.

When script is on, I'm unable to voluntary turn the switch On from physical button or Domoticz, cause Blocky instantly sends an Off MQTT-command (temperature conditions aren't met).

I expect a script to fire up only on Temperature change (a device in starting Control block).
With an hour-long telePeriod (weather update period) a manual override should work for 1-60 min.

Seems, switch is exclusively possessed by Blocky now.
How a voluntary override can be implemented? Inside a script only?

I'm thinking of a separate virtual Switch like "Script enabled" or "Manual override", which could be a condition for this script.
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Re: Blocky overrides manual switch toggle

Post by freijn » Sunday 29 July 2018 13:30

An aditional virtual swich is indeed the way to go.

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