MQTT Discovery plugin - clarification requested

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MQTT Discovery plugin - clarification requested

Post by Andyf66 » Thursday 26 July 2018 12:01

A clarification requested on how it works...

Initially it pulls in all my Sonoff Tasmota devices - Switches/relays etc, and they are named the same as they are within my Sonoff setup. Works perfectly, even for wall switches that have the button/relay separated via 'ButtonTopic'

- If I were to change the name within the Sonoff device, would this then ripple through via auto discovery and update the name of the device within Domoticz, Or would it create 'new' devices?

- If I were to change the name off a device within Domoticz, would the auto discovery part realise this and 'play nicely' - Not overwrite the new name with the 'official' Sonoff name, but still keep the setup working and linked up?

Maybe I'm overthinking this and it will all just work...



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