RPi GPIO input "contact" switch problem

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RPi GPIO input "contact" switch problem

Post by davvid » Sunday 22 July 2018 22:00

Hi, I need a simple setup - to switch the light by wired mono-stable "contact" button - all based on RPi GPIO, one input, one output.

1) exported "out" GPIO pin, created on/off switch. From GUI/phone application it works great! I can turn it on/off.
2) exported "in" GPIO pin with "rising" edge, connected wired monostable "NO" button to exported pin and +5V,
3) set up "main device", type "contact", and then selected it as slave to the lighting on/off switch (I can't select "slave device" during "contact" device set up because a list of devices is empty - however, GPIO "output" on/off switch exists)

It doesn't work - "input" button never turns "output" pin on.

Sometimes it seams to work "theoretically" ok - button turns the light switch ICON on, but just an ICON - it never turns real light ON.
I tried various pins, edges, pins set to high / low, being closed to ground or +5V. Still the same result.

I spent whole day researching google and this forum - please help! I need really simple thing: one input pin and one output pin. input turns output.

thanks in advance for your help!

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