SSLWWW problem after upgrade

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SSLWWW problem after upgrade

Post by tattvamasi » Monday 16 July 2018 16:59


I'm running Domoticz on a 32bits Ubuntu 16.04 server and after upgrading from 3.5895 to 4.9235, latest stable, I have this error:

Please specify a valid sslwww port, when adressing a port in the 50.000 range. DAEMON_ARGS="$DAEMON_ARGS -sslwww 49235" in /etc/init.d/

I compiled from source, Domoticz runs on http, but not on https using my preferred port and certificate from Domoticz.
As I am running several other servers I want to stick to my portnumber. With 3.5895 I never had this problem.

I have searched the internet but no solution. Who can point me in the right direction?

Regards, Rob

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