how can i add Somfy blinds to Domoticz ? (i have de 433.92)

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how can i add Somfy blinds to Domoticz ? (i have de 433.92)

Post by TheCub3 » Friday 13 July 2018 19:03

hi all,

maybe its alread explaind but i can't find it on this forum. i have purchased RF-LINK for Somfy (433,92) and in the devices i also see my sreen
when i open of close them with the somfy remote.
somfy01.jpg (53.44 KiB) Viewed 57 times
but when i do the manual switch option that i found on the wiki:
i cant get it working ?. id do every thing that is in the WIKI?
Somfy / RFY

To associate the RFXtrx433E with Somfy blinds (his instruction assumes that you already added RFXtrx433E under Hardware)

(1) Click on 'Switches', then click on "Manual Light/Switch".

(2) Fill in...

Hardware: RFXtrx433E
Device name: <Name for my Somfy blinds>
Switch Type: Blinds
Type: RFY
ID: <select a random ID>
Unit Code: <select a random number>

(3) Then, on a remote already associated with the blinds:

move the blinds so they are neither fully closed nor fully open.

(4) press the tiny "prog" button 3s on the back of the remote. The blinds make a quick move.

(5) Immediately click on the "Test" button in your Domoticz screen. The blinds make a quick move again, to confirm association..

(6) If successful, click "Add Device".
what i'am i doing wrong ?.

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