qubino ZMNHAD1 input I2 I3 problems

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qubino ZMNHAD1 input I2 I3 problems

Post by jvm1000 » Thursday 12 July 2018 20:37

i have several qubinos ZMNHAD1 1 relay, the inputs I2 and I3 work correct with openhab, Zipato, and home assitant.
In domoticz i tried every thing i found in the forum, but nothing works.

there is a a link
http://domoticz.com/forum/viewtopic.php ... SH+1+RELAY
that is the old qubino, its similar but now I2, I3 are conected to live line.

when i exclude and include again for a while in the configuration page I2 and I3 appears disabled, afther a while
Please, i need help.

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Re: qubino ZMNHAD1 input I2 I3 problems

Post by XerachCruz » Tuesday 17 July 2018 15:31

I have one of those same module and I had that same problem.I solved it by adding some lines to the configuration in its XML, and excluding and including it again.

I used the instructions from this thread and I also added auto="true" to all the groups of I2 and I3, so I do not know what exactly worked, but fix it.


Now I have the issue again, because I downgrade to the new stable (loading a backup of my config) and the problem has appears again. I not has solved it again because I do not have a physical switch in l1 of that module (only in I2 for notification of my door bell) and I have to open the register box to access it and exclude/include.

A question for you, because I see that you have used OpenHab:

I have been suffering a issue with Domoticz for many months (in my mesh, the nodes that communicate indirectly with the Z-Stick generate timeouts constantly). The issue beggined on a beta in January and it not has resolved yet, nor in the new stable or lastest beta.

I tried to migrate my network to OpenHab to run away from that problem, I did it simply by passing the Z-Stick without exclude/include again the nodes. It load all the nodes and I can ON/OFF/Dimm through the PaperUI, but when I operate the switches on the wall, the states not update in OpenHab (there was no return communication), but the door/windows sensor return state correctly.

You know if that behavior is normal in OpenHab and the states never updates from the physical switchs, or is that I have to redo the mesh again, exclude/include all directly on OpenHab?

I have put again the microSD back with Domoticz, until I will have time to test how to properly configure OpenHab or any other system to migrate my Z-wave mesh (20 nodes) and where does not suffer that issue.

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