Door phone and camera

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Door phone and camera

Post by Gleneroo » Monday 09 July 2018 23:04

Hello forum

I am looking for a door phone (Domoticz-capable of course) and also cameras for checking and recording outside the house. My first idea was to put them just under the roof, at the 4 corners of the house.

I was looking at Dahua for the door phone (VTO2000A + screen VTH + VTNS for POE) because it seems we can receive calls also on smartphones, so naturally also Dahua for cameras. If I understood correctly, this would allow to show camera on the door phone screen.
Ultimately (but that's a bit too far), ideal scenario would be to have this screen showing as well Domoticz dashboard ! But I don't know if this is reasonably possible. I would like it stable, not something we have to troubleshoot every two weeks because something changed somewhere... So I am doubtful it is possible, so just the Dahua solution (if I understood correctly how it is supposed to work) would be a good first step.

There are so many types of cameras that I don't know which one to pick.
Any help on this or indication of simple material resource would be helpful, as long as it is understandable. I don't even know the technical vocabulary.
Basically I want to see and record my garden, cameras moving, ability to record and notify if something happens...
Instinctively, I was more attracted to dome cameras because we cannot see where they are looking...
But I don't know much on the subject.

Everywhere I read, feedbacks seem generally quite positive about Dahua. The thing then is to pick the right model I need.

Thanks in advance for any feedback...

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