Many "Switches" missing after update to the latest stable version

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Many "Switches" missing after update to the latest stable version

Post by WBTech » Wednesday 04 July 2018 11:46

I am using Windows 10. Everything works fine with the older stable version from 2017 and later updates up to version 2.9117 from 28.03.2018. If I install newer updates (incl. the latest stable version 2018) most of the "Switches" are not longer displayed. Only four of my forty "Switches" are still shown at "Switches and "Dashboard". The "Devices" list is OK and complete, everything is displayed, including the power consumption, but the missing devices cannot be added to "Switches", or Dashboard.

Even if I manually deactivate/activate individual devices, they are not displayed under "Switches", or on the " Dashboard". Only older software versions work correctly regarding displaying devices on "Switches" and the "Dashboard". How can I display again the missing devices with the latest software? Is there a Folder, or File which I can copy to the latest version, to get all devices at "Switches" and the "Dashboard" back ?

Thanks for your help.

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