panasonic tv

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panasonic tv

Post by tiga » Friday 29 June 2018 21:09

today i got my new Panasonic tv!!!!
i chose a Panasonic becouse my old Panasonic(42as650) was easy to controll via domoticz.
but my new 49fx680 does not respond to domoticz ! :o !

i can see in domoticz when it is on or off but that is it....

is there something i can do that domoticz can turn it off?
that is actualy the primairy function i want to use.(go to bed=all lights and tv = off)

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Re: panasonic tv

Post by nigels0 » Sunday 01 July 2018 2:04

I couldn’t find that model anywhere, but anyway, you can control the tv with hdmi-cec. Use a raspberry pi using the phase-8 libraries where you can use Domoticz§cuz to execute scripts on the pi.

I use the phase-8 dongle as well as it can be put inline with one if the existing hdmi inputs to the tv, but it isn’t necessary. You can use the raspberry to switch to the right input using the hdmi-CoC commands.

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