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Post by brunonar » Monday 25 June 2018 21:08

I'm trying to change the source code to put the Kodi remote in the Switch Selector (or vice versa) and I ended up getting into the "LightsController.js" file. The problem is that any modification I make to the file is ignored by Domoticz. I already tried to delete the cache, enter another browser, start with the option "-nocache" and reinstall Domoticz. I even tried to put in the first line a wrong function to see if an error would appear on the console.

I know this file is being called because the "ShowLights" function only exists in it and the browser console recognizes it.

In the file "domoticzdevice.js" has a function called "Selector (item)" that the same problem happens. But in this file when I try to modify the "Switch (item)" the change takes effect.

Would anyone know why this happens?

Thanks in advance.

ps: Sorry if I'm in the wrong subforum.

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