Z-Wave CT101 Thermostat Fan Control via script

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Z-Wave CT101 Thermostat Fan Control via script

Post by 2824501 » Thursday 21 June 2018 13:58

I have checked the forum - but do not see this issue?

Have a CT-101 Z-Wave thermostat installed that works quite well except for the fan.
Heating and cooling setpoints work great in scripts and there is not issue with this
control aspect.

In the Devices window there is a line entry for the fan and I have it enabled:
71 Aeotech_USB-HUB 00000501 1 Bsmnt_TStat_FanMode General Thermostat Fan Mode On Low

In the Utility tab there is a widget(?) item for the fan and when I click the edit button
there are four modes of which only two seem to work: Auto Low & On Low. When those are
selected and the Update button pressed the fan will turn on and off so I know Domoticz
has the ability to control the fan.

When the fan is turned on and off this way the status updates in the Devices window and
it also can be checked in a script:
local myDevice = domoticz.devices('Bsmnt_TStat_FanMode').fanmode
print (myDevice)
The ending attributes can be .mode, .fanmode, .state etc and the return value is always
1 or 0 based on whether the fan has been turned on or off.

However when I try to turn on the fan froma script Lua/DZvent with different methods like:
.updateMode, .setState, etc
I either get an error message for unsupported or it is ignored.

My system is running the last stable 2017-07-30. I am doing something wrong or has this been
fixed in a later version. Or is there another way to turn the fan of and on from a script.

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