[Solved] Rpi3 Domoticz crashes even more often

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[Solved] Rpi3 Domoticz crashes even more often

Post by Thermojito » Saturday 09 June 2018 14:23


After spending sooooo many hours troubleshooting why my Rpi3 Domoticz started to crash and doing that more and more frequent I can share a solution that seems to work for me to possibly save time for someone else ending up in the same situation.

Version: 3.8914
Platform: Raspberry Pi3b with Raspbian Stretch (headless)
Plugin/Hardware: Razberry Z-wave
Description: After stable use for months I experienced crashes that went from several weeks apart down to 2-3 hours apart before I finally found a solution.

The solution that now has worked for severals days (and encounting...) for me can be found here: https://dontpressthat.wordpress.com/201 ... ping-wifi/

I went through forum threads for many many days, changed to a fresh hi endurance SD-card, monitored CPU temp for long periods, disabled function after function in Domoticz, closed the router to exclude external interference and still got the crashes... that now seems to be the power-save functionality within the RPi3/stretch itself that were not 100% compatible with the Wifi implementation if I, as a NOOB, has interpreted things correctly.....A bit strange though that Z-wave logging within Domoticz seemed to stop as well roughly when I experienced that I could no longer SSH or https-connect to the Domoticz app and LED’s on the Rpi froze assuming this to be a crash.

Fingers crossed that this was the only reason. It has made significant difference anyway.

Sorry for a somewhat misleading subject headline on this thread but those were words I used when searching for a solution....

All cred to @Gizmocus and all others contributing to the great software Domoticz! You are the best.

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Re: [Solved] Rpi3 Domoticz crashes even more often

Post by poudenes » Saturday 09 June 2018 20:07

I use a RPi 3 B+ and added this on my /etc/rc.local

iwconfig wlan0 power off

between "fi" and "ext 0"

I Always disabled power save mode for wifi. :D
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