Switches auto syncing?????

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Switches auto syncing?????

Post by echeberri77 » Friday 08 June 2018 7:19

during night, but it also seems to happen during daytime, I see my domoticz system "resyncing" all switches.
By "resyncing" I mean that the system seems to reset all switches by activate and deactivate all of them in a big cycle.
It is a big problem for me because I have a "3 steps lamp" connected to one virtual switch.... it means that if I push the virtual switch 1 time I have 4 lamps on, If I switch it another time I have 2 lamps on and finally If I push it once again I switch them all off.
During switches syncing the System switchs, among the others, also the lamp switch and push it two times (trying to switch it on and then off.... but in this way it simply leaves 2 lamps ON by pushing it two times!).
It means that in the middle on night my office lamps switch ON and I found them on the morning after! (it is not only scary but it is an energy waste problem).

How to avoid this switchs reset?

Domoticz system is beta and version in last (v. 3.9587)



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Re: Switches auto syncing?????

Post by waaren » Friday 08 June 2018 9:05

Do you see anything in the logs ?
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