Possible to decode/use json in domoticz?

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Possible to decode/use json in domoticz?

Post by dangdongho1 » Friday 08 June 2018 3:49

I am using some camera software which can output json using HTTP POST depending on different events. Is it possible to decode and use those json posts using domoticz? The json can look like this "in:4 out:1" . Can I extract the "4" and "1" from the POST in some way and use them in domoticz?
Also is it possible to view raw HTTP POSTs that are sent to the domoticz server in some way to see exactly how they look?

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Re: Possible to decode/use json in domoticz?

Post by elmortero » Friday 08 June 2018 8:52

If you do a search in this board for 'asynchronous http requests' you will find several examples of that

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