Esp8266 and relay: how to be sure

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Esp8266 and relay: how to be sure

Post by lucalg » Tuesday 29 May 2018 11:43

Good morning, sorry if i'm posting something already present somewhere here. I've done a deep search before posting, but no way.

Let me say before all that i'm not a programmer so I tryed all present in domoticz to exclude the code.

1. I need to command a relay connected to Esp8266
2. I've created dummy sensor and I'm using ONACTION and OFFACTION inside switch to send command,15,1
3. we used repeater to send wifi better as we can but, checking logs, I can see some Off states.
4. this problem is making all my structure unstable, because sending commands by this way I have domoticz switch powering on without any insurance has been received from the destination.

I can't find any solution, so please help me if you can.

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