UV sensor outdoor

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UV sensor outdoor

Post by franzelare » Wednesday 23 May 2018 8:53

Do people know good outdoor UV sensors?

I currently use the UVN800 sensor from Oregon Scientific, but the second sensor passed away (again in about 1 year time)
http://www.oregonscientificstore.com/p- ... ensor.aspx

so i'm looking for alternatives?
as backup i now have a pi-zero with a lux sensor in the corner of a window to check light levels but like to have my real UV readings back online...

i use the UV reading to display a weather icon on my customer dashboard and to control the sun screens

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Re: UV sensor outdoor

Post by Toulon7559 » Saturday 03 November 2018 19:42

Not an immediate replacement for the UVN800, but perhaps these add-ons provide a practical solution using an I2C-interface:
- Light-sensor SI1145 by Adafruit, which measures light & IR and uses it to 'emulate' UVI
- UV-sensor VEML6070 by Adafruit, which measures the UV-signal by it's ADC, or similar VEML6075

You will have some homework to find/activate the software for interfacing to Domoticz, with Adafruit already providing some material, either with a link from their webpages or for SI1145 at Github.

An alternative to use one of the circuits which generate an analogue signal in relation to UV-level:
ML8511 or GUVA-S12SD
An ESP8266 with it's ADC in combination with ESPEasy is then an candidate-'handler' transmitting resulting information to Domoticz.
In the similar fashion you could hook VEML6075 to an ESP8266.
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