Help with water meter

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Help with water meter

Post by raptorjr » Monday 14 May 2018 19:05


I’ve tried once before to understand how the water meter is working. But that time I didn’t really have a working sensor. But now that I have a sensor working I would like to give it another try.

This is my setup.
I have a water valve and a water flow sensor connected to water. I use MySensors to control this and send values to Domoticz. The valve is temperature controlled through a DcVentz script.

Every second, when the valve is open I send current water flow and total volume for this “session” to Domoticz.

What I would like to have is to see how many times during the day the valve have been opened and the amount of water used that time. And also see the total of water used for each day.

When the valve is open I can see the m3 value increase, and when the valve is closed I send one zero value to indicate the end of the session. m3 then returns to zero. I don’t know if that is wrong behaviour?

Anyway, my question is, what kind of values does Domoticz expect to behave correctly? Should I maybe send the volume for each second instead of total? Should I not send zero at the end? Maybe I over complicate things and try to do stuff that Domoticz would handle by itself?

Any help is appreciated. I can change my MySensor sketch to send the right kind of values.

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