Android tablet as alarm keypad

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Android tablet as alarm keypad

Post by alarm_guy1 » Saturday 21 April 2018 7:40

Just getting into Domoticz, I am dabbling with the security panel side of things. my struggle is the keypad aspect it appears on the app a bit cumbersome as in
if you have the security panel running on say a small tablet, you have to have the very basic keyboard and you have to tap to bring up the keypad type in number hit arm away then it all disappears to the Dashboard, and there is no sound at all or haptic feed back

Using the we browser solution it works but on my smaller older tablet landscape the keypad is too big for the screen and porttrait it is a pin prick.

I currently have no sirens but have several detection devices, i'm not particularly techy and don't really code but maybe able to edit code to sort out the keypad if i knew where to look.

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