Debouncing for PiFace Digital 2

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Debouncing for PiFace Digital 2

Post by gbuico » Wednesday 14 February 2018 7:21

I'm using one of the digital inputs of the PiFace to trigger the opening of my shutters.
What is happening is that two times in two week the shutters opened while nobody was even in the house.
Checking the log it's clear that both times the "pushbutton" went on-off within the same second, therefore I suspect a seldom interference which might be eliminated with a debouncing routine.
1) Is anybody having a similar problem?
2) Is there a way to add debouncing code to the PiFace interface in Domoticz?



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Re: Debouncing for PiFace Digital 2

Post by Sine » Sunday 22 July 2018 13:08

Do you have long wires attached to the inputs ?

These signals are only 3.3V and VERY sensitive. I would recommend to do any filtering on the hardware side, maybe even seperate the inputs from the switches with a few optocouplers.

-sorry- just realized I'm replying to a old topic.

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