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Sometimes more lights switch on (Zwave & Qubino)

Post by Marcjeok » Tuesday 13 February 2018 20:49

I'm using Domoticz for a few months now and I'm pretty excited. Recently I bought 2 extra Qubino ZMNHBDx Flush 2 Relays. I already had a single Qubino ZMNHADx Flush 1 Relay. After installing both of the Qubino ZMNHBDx Flush 2 Relays strange things happened: devices turns on when I not expect them to turn on. I've tried a lot of settings, search this forum and the internet, but couldn't find a solution.

  • Raspberry Pi model 3b
  • Domoticz Version: 3.8153
  • P1 cable
  • Aeon Labs Aeotec Gen 5 Z-Wave USB Interface on batteries
  • 1x Qubino ZMNHADx Flush 1 Relay
  • 2x Qubino ZMNHBDx Flush 2 Relays
Problem description:
With the three Qubino devices I can swith 5 devices:
Q1 = Outside lamp 1
Q2.1 = Outside lamp 2
Q2.2 = Indoor lamp
Q3.1 = virtual device 1 (no device connected yet)
Q3.2 = virtual device 2 (no device connected yet)

When I switch on a Group (that contains Q1 and Q2.1 = both oudoor lamps) it sometimes happens that also Q2.2, Q3.1 and Q3.2 switches on. When I use the manual light switch connected to Q1 everything turns on.

I use the following settings for the Qubino ZMNHBDx Flush 2 Relays
Domoticz_Flush2 relay.PNG
Domoticz_Flush2 relay.PNG (388.16 KiB) Viewed 364 times

I hope somebody can help me out and it's a simple setting that I'm missing 8-)

Thanks in advance!


It took me a while, but the problem is finally solved. In the Zwave network information* I deleted 1 and 255 in the black circles. After that the problem was solved.
Network.png (23.59 KiB) Viewed 150 times
*) Setup > Hardware > Setup Zwave controller> Node Management > Groups and Network

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Re: Sometimes more lights switch on (Zwave & Qubino)

Post by jefft » Sunday 30 September 2018 23:52

I've observed the same problem - and came up with pretty much the same solution before I found your post (wish I'd found it sooner!).

It appears that the default is for the controller to be included in the following groups on the Qubino ZMNHADx:
- Lifeline
- basic_set for Q

If I then add the controller to any of the groups for I2 - whether the basic_report or the sensor_binary, the following happens:
- switching I1 causes domoticz to see events for the devices linked to both I1/Q and I2, causing both to change state - incorrect behaviour
- switching I2 causes an event only for I2 - correct behaviour

The workaround - I won't call it a solution as I smell a OZW configuration issue or a z-wave event handling issue here - is to remove the controller from the basic_set group for Q (group 2 in domo) and add it to the basic_report for I2, then we get the following:
- switching I1 causes domoticz to see an event on the device linked to I1
- switching I2 causes domoticz to see an event on the device linked to I2

The penalty seems to be that the domoticz UI is quite slow to catch up with state changes when the physical switch is used.

One guess I'd make is that perhaps something in the stack isn't differentiating which instance (I1, I2, I3) created the basic_set event and for some reason maps it to all instances rather than the default/parent. Could be as simple as the XML configuration, or as bad as Qubino forgetting to tell the controller 'whodunnit'.

Anyone out there who's expert in how OZW/domo processes the events from the Qubino to pin down the cause of this and maybe resolve it properly? When I get more time, I'll check the behaviour of I2/I3 on a Fibaro FGS213 to see how that plays.

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