Evohome via LAN (remote HGI/S80)

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Evohome via LAN (remote HGI/S80)

Post by woodrjh » Thursday 30 November 2017 15:05

Can anyone please enlighten me on what the Evohome via LAN device is for and how to use it?

Couldn't find any info in the Wiki for this.

I have my Evohome Domoticz working via Raspberry Pi and Rfbee, so I know how to set that up, but I'm looking to move Domoticz to my Synology. Just curious to know if I can still make use the of the Rfbee (remotely maybe?)



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Re: Evohome via LAN (remote HGI/S80)

Post by Jabes » Friday 08 June 2018 23:41

I have this up and running, do you still need help?

I have the HGI80 on a rasp pi in the middle of my house (where the hgi80 gets good visibility of devices), and have installed ser2net to gate the serial port to an internet port. I have added a line to the config file /etc/ser2net.conf (removing the other defaults)

Code: Select all

Then set up domoticz to use the pi, port 5001...

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