Danfoss RS Room Sensor -> Danfoss LC13 Living Connect

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Danfoss RS Room Sensor -> Danfoss LC13 Living Connect

Post by Json » Monday 04 September 2017 17:44

Perhaps someone can help a newbie ... I can't search for PS because the string is only two characters.

Background: these are two Z-wave devices, the Danfoss LC13 is a radiator thermostat head with setpoint and thermometer and what I assume is a PID (Proportional/ Integrate / Derivate) control system. The Danfoss PS is a room thermometer and setpoint controller.

I think there's no direct way to associate these two via Z-wave.. correct? ( Neither device has an association group in Setup> Hardware >Z-wave Setup >Node Management )

To control the set point of the LC13 (the radiator valve) should be pretty simple with Lua, right? Just periodically read the value from the Room Sensor and, if it has changed, write it to the LC13.... ? Has someone done it already to save me the testing?

The more tricky issue: is it possible somehow for the radiator head to use the measured temperature of the room sensor for its PID input, so it doesn't measure "room" temperature a mere few inches from the radiator?

Cheers everyone!

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Re: Danfoss RS Room Sensor -> Danfoss LC13 Living Connect

Post by sach » Monday 04 September 2017 22:52

I use the Devolo equivalent trv's and room thermostats.
There is no association between the 2 that I have been able to work out.
I'm not good with coding so have done everything in blocky. Basically the blocky says that if the setpoint is higher than the temperature on room thermostat, set the rev to 28degrees. If it's lower then set it to 15.
I have a blocky for each room set this way (total of 5 zones) and one which says that if any zone requests heat, turn on the boiler.
Worked well last winter as the kids room gets very hot while downstairs it's freezing....but not anymore.


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Re: Danfoss RS Room Sensor -> Danfoss LC13 Living Connect

Post by PietroCZ » Friday 03 November 2017 22:34

Hi Json,

I have exactly that setup here. I have Danfoss RS Room Sensor and Danfoss LC13 Living Connect radiator valves. My controller is Razberry module in Raspberry PI2 with Domoticz.

Its already some time since you posted this so I do know if you still need this.

I use LUA script to copy setpoint from RS Room sensor to LC13 setpoint. I reacts on change or room sensor and simply copies the value of one setpoint to the other.

Code: Select all

-- LUA script to copy setpoint value of one termostat to other termostat
-- in case first termostat setpoint is changed.
-- This is used for Danfoss roomsensor RS (014G0160) and Danfoss valve
-- LC-13 (014G0013), but should work with any devices that has setpoints

roomname    = 'livingroom'                      -- Room name
RSName      = 'RS_livingroom_setpoint'          -- Termostat that changes its setpoints
LC13Name    = 'LC13_livingroom_setpoint'        -- Heating valve to control
LC13ID      = otherdevices_idx[LC13Name]        -- get IDX of LC13
T1          = otherdevices[RSName]              -- store setpoint value of RS termostat to variable

commandArray = {}
   if devicechanged[RSName] then
       print ("Termostat in "..roomname.." change to: ".. tostring(T1) .. " C.");
       commandArray[#commandArray + 1] = {['UpdateDevice']=LC13ID..'|0|'..tostring(T1)}
return commandArray
Go to your domotiz WEB GUI menu Setup >> More Options >> Events. Change the script to LUA on the right side of the screen (see attached picture). Then copy paste this code and change the RSName and LC13Name variables to names that you gave to your heating setpoint of RS and setpoint of LC13.

Do not forget to check the tick to activate the script and save it. After saving it should be active and react on change of RS setpoint change. Once you change it with buttons on RS you should see a message in your Domoticz log (in web gui go to Setup >> Log). Message should be something like "Termostat in livingroom change to: 23 C.".

Change of LC13 setpoint is not immediate. It needs to wake up to get the new value. Based on you wake up period the change could take quite some time. If you have the period set to 300 s then it should take max 300 seconds for LC13 to get new value.

(image https://imgur.com/a/YpXZ8)
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