Domoboard - Windows installation

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Domoboard - Windows installation

Post by JvdBosch » Friday 25 August 2017 9:17

Could anybody give me some pointers on installing domoboard on a Windows based Domoticz installation?

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Re: Domoboard - Windows installation

Post by Henrik » Tuesday 12 December 2017 14:39

I would like to know too.
Latest stable v.3.8153 on Windows 10

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Re: Domoboard - Windows installation

Post by squandor » Friday 23 March 2018 11:29

Hi Henrik,

Sorry for the late reply, but its pretty straight forward.

You can clone the github page and edit de config and set de domoticz url in the config.
When that has been done you can run domoboard by the command: python -c configuration.conf -d

It should work like that

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