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Re: Dashticz - Function - Graphs

Post by astrapowerrr » Friday 18 May 2018 11:19

hi is it possible to change my p1 toon graph to see my actual usage instead of total usage? also for the gas meter
and can i set with what parameters the graphs are?
i would like to create my dashboard just like the original toon layout

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Re: Dashticz - Function - Graphs

Post by EdwinH » Tuesday 03 July 2018 8:44

Hi all,

Does graph function support IDX with three digits ?

I have in Domoticz twice my solar panels..
IDX 66 generated by omnik script and recently IDX 945 , generated by Domoticz by import PVOutput.

Graph_66 works but does not show solar curve (Power generated( see screenshot)
dashticz.png (233.83 KiB) Viewed 590 times
Spoiler: show
I think I got cause of no solar curve : I use 3 PVOutput and imported power usage into Solar ID
When I change (in CONFIG.js) 'graph_66' to 'graph_945' it does not show graphics.
I tested with some more utility sensors of domoticz, it looks like graph function does not works when idx is set above 99.

Ccan some one confirm or point me in right direction?


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Re: Could not load graph message

Post by stavroshamster » Saturday 11 August 2018 11:24

whatisk wrote:
Monday 29 January 2018 9:26

Also, is there a way to change the number format/separator in Dashticz? Ie: have a comma as the thousand separator and a dot as the decimal point.
To change the number format, you need to edit the 'main.js' file:

var _DECIMAL_POINT = ',';


var _DECIMAL_POINT = '.';

Did the trick for me...

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Re: Dashticz - Function - Graphs

Post by Vomera » Tuesday 09 October 2018 16:36

Hello! I have a temp graph from outside. Is it possible to set the value on the right side from -10 till +30 ?
Now it switches everytime.

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Re: Dashticz - Function - Graphs

Post by Marque1968 » Saturday 03 November 2018 14:04

I too look for a way to set the scale of the graph. I have my weight showing in Dashticz (gives my wife something to moan about), but the graph uses a scale starting from 0. I am sure that I won't live to see that happen. So a scale showing from 80 to 100 would suffice.

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