Weird behavior with custom camera page (network traffic)

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Weird behavior with custom camera page (network traffic)

Post by Nautilus » Monday 05 December 2016 11:17


I've recently added a new custom page to ~/domoticz/www/templates and it seems to be working well. However, while checking something on the dev console (network tab in Chrome's "inspect" console) I noticed that once I visit this custom page and return to any other tab, the requests for camera images keep coming in until I close the whole tab. There are four cameras with HD image so this is quite significant network traffic which I'd like to avoid when possible. Can anyone give me a hint - should I specify "something" in the custom page code to stop this? Could it relate to some (app)cache behavior? The page is simple html page with some javascript to update the images (source of which are .php pages), same logic as used in many of custom front page examples here.

Here's an example when I have returned from the custom page to Dashboard tab:
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