Add the MCZ pellet stove

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Re: Add the MCZ pellet stove

Post by Freakstreet » Thursday 26 January 2017 12:07


You won't be able to get the stove status unless you know the last command it has received, the stove isn't sending any data.
Maybe you can try hacking the green and led status to know if is is on/switching on/off/switching off

Who can tell me what's the status of the domoticz thermostat4 integration status ?
I see in the code that a lot has been implemented but is it functional yet ?

If far from being operational, I can write a python script that can manage the stove from temp and switches, but I'd need to know how to send the serial commands to the RFXCom from domoticz with json.

Anyway, If the developers need beta testing, I'm ready.


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Re: Add the MCZ pellet stove

Post by martincz » Sunday 22 October 2017 15:36


Did anyone got any further on this subject?


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Re: Add the MCZ pellet stove

Post by funky » Friday 15 December 2017 20:30


I'm really looking forward to a MCZ pellet stove working with RFXCom protocol. @the rfx com site the mcz pellet stove is already supported. The only thing what has to be done is making a python script to let it work with the Thermostat4 protocol.
Unfortunately i do not have the development skills. Is there any developer wich want to help developing this. I like to be the beta tester.

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Re: Add the MCZ pellet stove

Post by Ries » Tuesday 12 June 2018 9:54

This would be great to control through domoticz
I dont like the noisy fans of the stove to be at full power.
I’d like to control the fan based on on a PIR.
Turnoff the stove when at a certain temperature
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