izSynth: make domoticz talk with many TTS engines in a easy way

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Re: izSynth: make domoticz talk with many TTS engines in a easy way

Post by DewGew » Saturday 25 August 2018 11:10

jin wrote:
Sunday 08 April 2018 16:36
glsf91 wrote:
Thursday 15 March 2018 21:21
I get:

ERROR: wrong PLAYBACK engine specified: 'castnow'

please select an engine from the following list:

Engine Version Name HomePage
---------------- ---------- ---------------- --------
mplayer 2016-12-18 MPlayer http://www.mplayerhq.hu/

castnow is working when using command: castnow coldplay.mp3

What is going wrong?

just updated izsynth to 4.9 release

Update with:

Code: Select all

cd /usr/local/bin && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ugoviti/izsynth/master/izsynth -O izsynth && chmod 755 izsynth
  • Implemented generic playback engine support. You can use -k to specify your playback command, and -K for the command options
Let's me know if it works as expected

Kind Regards
I Tryed to update but i still got same error as EdddieN
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