Switch Selector Name Length

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Switch Selector Name Length

Post by borgkitty » Wednesday 08 March 2017 14:04

Domoticz v 3.5877
Platform : raspberry pi

I have a weird issue with the domoticz switch selector
When I setup a selector switch it will let me create a name for each button like normal. It will work with any name length of 1- whatever the max is.
So I have named some of the buttons R, G, B, Y. These are just colors of an LED I want changed for a project.
I am able to name each button with a single letter just fine. However one time I added 2 letters. I went to the little pencil on the side of it and to edit it to change it to a single letter. But when I do that it wont let me hit the rename if its 1 letter, if i do 2 or more it will rename it.

I have confirmed this by redoing it multiple times. i would like others to confirm if they can't change a button name to 1 letter?
if so I dont know which would be a bug. Is it a bug that you allow 1 letter to be submitted for a name or is it a bug that it wont let you rename it to a single character. I hope this makes sense I can add pictures or a walk through if needed.

One other issue. What is the max amount of buttons you can have on a selector switch? as I think I have hit it. Currently I have 18 buttons but when i get to the 13th button it doesn't send codes anymore. I confirmed this that it doesn't send the codes to an ESP via the logs ,all buttons 1-12 work (including the built in off or "0" action) so technically 0-11 work and I look in the logs and it gives errors like

Code: Select all

2017-03-06 00:21:51.633 Error: Setting a wrong level value 110 to Selector device 13062918318095155281
2017-03-06 00:21:51.633 (LED Candles) Light/Switch (LED Candles)
If I remember right i think 12 is the max on the sliders... so i would assume this is not a coincidence?

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Re: Switch Selector Name Length

Post by DutchHans » Thursday 14 December 2017 11:44

I've noticed the same. Is there a reason that the name must be more than one character? It is now not possible to work with IFTTT variables with only one character and parse them via a webrequest. For example preset 1 to 9.

If someone knows a workaround...?

Regards, Hans

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Re: Switch Selector Name Length

Post by Nautilus » Friday 15 December 2017 1:49

You can add level with one character by entering e.g. "1 " (that is, 1 followed by a space). Domoticz will then allow you to save it, but the space does not remain in the actual level name (at least the event system sees it as "1").

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