How to protect a single switch well enough

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How to protect a single switch well enough

Post by Sushukka » Friday 26 January 2018 2:51

Hello fellow Domoticz users.
I'm currently building a fingerprint door lock. A bit more complicated project but rewarding anyway. :)
There are outside interfacing unit connected to inside main logic module containing microcontroller and NRF24 transreceiver. NRF24 communicates with the lock module installed inside of the door which opens or closes the lock. I use MySensors with signing to have moderate protection in the transmission level. MySensors gateway is physically connected to Domoticz controller (Serial<->Raspberry). Now I'm wondering how to keep things secure also on Domoticz level.

Thing is that there is a small possibility that someone could hack through the Wifi in this neighbourhood. Turning on or off some lights haven't been anything to worry about so far but opening a closed door in an unmanned house could be. I could check the "protected" box in the switch settings but it can be turned off as easily without getting even password prompt when doing that. Moreover I could just go to the settings page and change the switch protection password, again without getting a prompt for old password or similar.

So happen anyone here to have any ideas how to protect the switch with Domoticz securely? Now everything relies on well protected wifi and recent news of cracked wpa2 protocol isn't helping this. Also when having already dozens of wifi nodes in the house, changing the wifi password often is complicated. I have some experience on also wild ideas are more than welcome! :)

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