Synology and 1-wire

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Synology and 1-wire

Post by Jumper3126 » Thursday 18 October 2018 14:30

I recently switched from raspi to synology. I m looking for a way to continue to use my 1-wire sensors, and came across this device. ... SwMfhaVMAQ

does anyone has this successfully working, or knows that it will or won't work? And if not, are there any alternative solutions?

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Re: Synology and 1-wire

Post by SweetPants » Friday 19 October 2018 18:12

I don't see any 1-wire hardware with USB in the hardware list, so I think you are out of luck. Maybe you can add a rpi slave domoticz server and add 1-wire to that?
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Re: Synology and 1-wire

Post by gerardvs » Friday 19 October 2018 19:54

You also could use an Arduino (e.g. Nano) as a Mysensors gateway without radio and connect the 1-wire sensors to the gateway. A few euro/dollar solution.

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