RFXcom and Lucci / Westinghouse

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RFXcom and Lucci / Westinghouse

Post by ervine » Wednesday 17 October 2018 20:48

I have upgraded my RFXcom to th XL version, and Domoticz to the latest stable. I amongst others use it to control a Westinghouse fan. Since a few weeks I am not able to control the fan anymore. I used to use the Lucci air AC controls for it. Now apparently something has changed, either on RFX side or on Domoticz. When I use RFXmgr, I see the protocol is now Westinghouse:

17-10-2018 08:30:34:921= Fan command
Packettype = Fan
subtype = Westinghouse
subtype = Westinghouse
Sequence nbr = 13
ID = SW1=Off, SW2=Off, SW3=Off, SW4=Off
Command = OFF
Signal level = +9 dBm

However, I am not able to select Westinghouse as an option from the dropdown box in the switches view. Anybody encountering the same problem?


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