Calibrating Lightwave RF LED lights

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Calibrating Lightwave RF LED lights

Post by Orphus » Tuesday 09 October 2018 11:37

Hi all,

I've been using Domoticz along with an RFXtrx to control a mixture of Lightwave RF and Home Easy devices (amongst others) for several years, but have just moved house. In the new house, we have LED downlighters throughout the downstairs and they are proving a pain to automate.

I now have the living room playing nicely with a one gang, one way Home Easy switch, but the kitchen is proving more problematic. There is a three gang dimmer at the back of the kitchen (front/back/garden) and I have paired this with a two way at the from of the kitchen (front/back) but whenever turned on, the lights just flicker.

Looking into this, it seems Lightwave devices can be "calibrated" to work better with LED lights, but this is done from the LW app using a LW bridge. Does anyone know if there is any other way to initiate the calibration, for example using the RFXtrx to send the equivalent signal?



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