Get weather for Spanish Beaches

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Get weather for Spanish Beaches

Post by elmortero » Monday 30 July 2018 22:24

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This script looks up some meteo data for beaches in Spain from the national weather office AEMET.
Aemet is a bit funny about their API. You have to access it using one URL in order to get another URL where the data is found. Most of the time (I think always) that second URL is the same, but you need to access it in order to 'activate' the data.
Second thing is: they have their headers wrong, instead as reporting as JSON the header says text/plain.
For that reason we need to user the dzvents Util fromJSON.

[*]dzVents > 2.4.0
[*]some sensors, they are explained in the code
[*]an API key from AEMET
[*]the identifier for the beach you want data for.

The descriptions (for wind, waves, feel temperature and sky) are returned in Spanish. If you want you can replace them in the script.
As a helping hand (if someone feels like translating):
Viento = wind. Possible values are flojo(weak),moderado(moderate/medium), fuerte(strong)
Cielo = Sky. Possible responses are despejado(clear), nuboso(cloudy), muy nuboso(very cloudy), chubascos(showers, the natural ones, not a beach shower), muy nuboso con lluvia(very cloudy with rain)
Oleaje = surf/waves. Responses can be: débil(weak), moderado(moderate, duh), fuerte(strong)
Sensación termica = feel temperature. Possible results are: muy frío(very cold, never seen that one), frío(cold), muy fresco(very chilly), fresco(chilly), suave(soft), calor agradable(enjoyably warm), calor moderado(moderate heat), calor fuerte(Hot!)

Code: Select all

You will need an API key, you can get it here for free:
To get the data for your selected beach you need its identifier. Go to and
find the beach of your choice. Either on the map, in the selector or by name. Keep clicking until you are taken to the page with the results
for that beach. Look at the URL and get the digits at the end as identifier: xxxxxx is the code for the beach
return {
	on = {
		timer = { 'at *:43', 'at *:24' },
		httpResponses = { 'aemeturl', 'aemetInfo' } -- matches callback string below
        data = {
            alink = { initial = 0 }
	execute = function(domoticz, triggerItem)
	local miplaya = 'xxxxxx'
	local miApi = 'YOURAPIKEY'

	local posti = domoticz.devices('AguaPostiguet')		-- Sensor for the water temperature. Virtual temperature sensor
	local prevposti = tonumber(posti.temperature)
	local waves = domoticz.devices('Oleaje')			--wave sensor (intensity of the waves). text sensor
	local prevwaves = tostring(waves.text)
	local Cielo = domoticz.devices('Cielo')				--cloud sensor (percentage), descriptive. Virtual text sensor
	local prevCielo = tostring(Cielo.text)
	local viento = domoticz.devices('Viento')			--Wind description. text sensor
	local prevviento = tostring(viento.text)	
	local sTermica = domoticz.devices('SensationTermica') -- Feel temperature descripcion. text sensor
	local prevsTermica = tostring(sTermica.text)	
		if (triggerItem.isTimer) then
	local miplaya = 'xxxxxx'
	local miApi = 'YOURAPIKEY'
    local geturl = ''..miplaya..'/?api_key='..miApi..'&'		
		if (triggerItem.isTimer) then
				url = geturl,
				method = 'GET',
				callback = 'aemeturl'
		elseif (triggerItem.isHTTPResponse) and (triggerItem.callback == 'aemeturl') then --fetching the link

			local response = triggerItem
			local json = domoticz.utils.fromJSON(
			if (response.ok) then
			 local Aemetlink = tostring(json.datos)
				url = Aemetlink,
				method = 'GET',
				callback = 'aemetInfo'
				print('**aemeturl failed to fetch info')

		elseif (triggerItem.isHTTPResponse) and (triggerItem.callback == 'aemetInfo') then --check aquired link and get data
				local response = triggerItem
 		if (response.ok) then
		local json = domoticz.utils.fromJSON(
			local tagua = domoticz.utils.round((tonumber(json[1].prediccion.dia[1].tagua.valor1)),1) --getting the temperature of the water
			    if tagua ~= nil and prevposti ~= tagua then --we will only update the sensor if a valid number is returned AND it is not the same as the previous value
			local wave = tostring(json[1].prediccion.dia[1].oleaje.descripcion2) --getting the state of the waves
			 wave = tostring(wave):gsub("?","é")
			  wave = string.gsub(" "..wave, "%W%l", string.upper):sub(2) --filter out 'funny' characters and capitalize the string
			    if wave ~= nil and prevwaves ~= wave then

			local estadoCielo = tostring(json[1].prediccion.dia[1].estadoCielo.descripcion1) --getting the state of the sky
			 estadoCielo = string.gsub(" "..estadoCielo, "%W%l", string.upper):sub(2)
			    if estadoCielo ~= nil and prevCielo ~= estadoCielo then

			local termica = tostring(json[1].prediccion.dia[1].stermica.descripcion1) ----getting the feel temperature 
			 local termica = string.gsub(" "..termica, "%W%l", string.upper):sub(2)
			    if termica ~= nil and prevsTermica ~= termica then

			local vient = tostring(json[1].prediccion.dia[1].viento.descripcion1) -- --getting the state of the wind
			 vient = string.gsub(" "..vient, "%W%l", string.upper):sub(2)
			    if vient ~= nil and prevviento ~= vient then
			print('**aemetinfo failed to fetch info')

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