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French Translation - Dashboard

Post by bxlouis » Tuesday 21 June 2016 16:46

Hi everyone,

I would like to add a french translation on the dashboard but I don't know how to proceed...

The thing is, on the dashboard, when you have a blinds switch (or anything else that can be opened or closed) it lacks a translation for the "opened" state.

It is OK for the "closed" state :
- When you want to close, it is written "Close" ("Fermer" in French -The verb "to close")
- When it is closed, it is written "Closed" ("Fermé" in French - The past particle "closed")

The same should go for the "opened" state :
- When you want to open, it should be written "Open" ("Ouvrir" in French <-- HERE IS THE ISSUE WE LACK THIS TRANSLATION - The verb "To open")
- When it is opened, there should be an additional string in English for "Opened" ("Ouvert" in French, which is the past particle "opened" and not the verb).

The problem is that, for now, the button always says "Ouvert" which is wrong !!!! Please someone help me I can't bear it anymore !!!

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