How to add a translated word

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How to add a translated word

Post by FabioPaolini » Thursday 16 June 2016 21:39

Hi. I have noted that in the Setup tab the label "Language" are hardcoded. I tried to add it to the translation files for Portuguese and English, however if I add the translation in these two files and change the setup.htm file like the diff below:

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-<td align="right" style="width:60px"><label for="Language">Language: </label></td>
+<td align="right" style="width:60px"><label for="Language"><span data-i18n="Language"></span>: </label></td>
then the other translation will be with the "Language" field empty in the Setup tab.

So my doubt is: Is it need to add a translation field in all the jason files if I want to add a new one in just one file? I mean, is there no default value?

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