controlicz 443 how to setup?

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controlicz 443 how to setup?

Post by walberg » Saturday 03 November 2018 21:04

I have a Homebridge board with Homebridge and Domoticz, now i want to use Google Home (mini) to make voice commands to Domoticz.
So i found controlicz. Normally my Domoticz uses port 8081 but Controlicz demands 443, how to do that?

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Re: controlicz 443 how to setup?

Post by denkol » Sunday 04 November 2018 9:54

I have the same problems!

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Re: controlicz 443 how to setup?

Post by Madgeni » Sunday 04 November 2018 10:23

Hi -
as per: ... SL_support - Domoticz comes with SSL enabled, so it's a case of forwarding port 443 (or changing it to something else).

I don't know much about Homebridge, does it not let you do that?
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