trigger Google Assistant with domoticz via "text query" : Google home is a bridge for domoticz

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trigger Google Assistant with domoticz via "text query" : Google home is a bridge for domoticz

Post by fpatou » Tuesday 21 August 2018 15:58


Currently it is rather "simple" (and free) to use the voice to trigger domoticz scenes via:
Google Assistant => IFTT => domoticz.

But is it possible to do the opposite via google assistant text query ? :

domoticz => Google Assistant=>Google Home to trigger a scene

I explain myself ,I try to drive the scenes of the broadlink rm mini 3 via domoticz without any local installation of RM bridge.
I was able to "plug" those scenes with google home and use them with the voice via a google assistant whit google home mini: it works ! meaning Google home plays the role of a bridge for broadlink.

If we go further we can imagine that google home could even be a "global bridge" for all that is compatible with google home.(Philips HUE,Samsung SmartThings etc...etc....)

But how to call google Assistant requests from domoticz?

After multiple search I managed to run a python script with query_text parameter on domoticz calling google assistant!

So I tried to trigger a scene of Broadlink rm mini 3 and .... bingo! it works

tested with domoticz PI3 and Windows with an on/off button calling python script : no problems !

to do it :

follow the step by step from google here "Embed the Google Assistant": ... ce/python/

Then test with this script: ...
Script that I have updated to add parameter like 'activate light in living room'.

I can now trigger all the google home devices without any local software bridge installation for domoticz : google home is The bridge !
Meaning as soon as google home have devices compatible...this is compatible with domoticz !!!!!!
Meaning google home via google assistant become a secured bridge hosted in the cloud for domoticz!

of course without will have to walk to the button :D

If we go again further....just imagine : query to google assistant give answer in the script, that can be parsed ....

if you are interested to get more detail let me know.

find files and other details (in french) for pi installation at the end of that post : ... 814#p57814

Thank you

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