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Alexa, Google Home and Siri
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Open/Close ~ Turn On/Off

Post by deennoo » Tuesday 03 July 2018 23:22

Now that Alexa and Google Home come All around the World and WE have this formidable controlicz it Time to be more lizy.

Actualy their is no différence on device who have to be open (door Locker - garage door) and turn on/off (light Switch).

This mean on Alexa : Alexa turn On the garage door instead of Alexa open thé garage door.

I don't know about Alexa/Home limitation, but surely they use domoticz api who doesn't know this différence as the API use them as switchlight.

Anyway to get an évolution on this device ?
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Re: Open/Close ~ Turn On/Off

Post by Madgeni » Wednesday 04 July 2018 13:37

Hi - open/close are not available with either Google or Alexa yet. They are definitely coming, i think Google will be first :)
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