Talking notifications

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Talking notifications

Post by d3rax » Saturday 05 August 2017 12:08


I would like to implement some talking notifications through the 3.5mm audio jack of the pi. I want to follow these instructions:

The thing is I have a Master domoticz server in the basement and a Slave domoticz server in the hallway. Is there a way I can get the notifications through the 3.5 mm audio jack of the Slave in the hallway?

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Re: Talking notifications

Post by Ittiz » Thursday 29 November 2018 6:46

I know this is old, but there are no replies, so here goes. I've got this working by using mimic. I repurposed and old coax network in my house that I used to use for cable television (cord cutting you know) for sound. Now I have mics and speakers throughout the house Domoticz can use Mimic to speak through and MyCroft to listen with.

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Re: Talking notifications

Post by DewGew » Thursday 29 November 2018 9:58

I use this it works great.
Dont use naturalreaders thou its a bug with that speak engine.
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