Last update not displayed for blocks with multiple values

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Last update not displayed for blocks with multiple values

Post by kiddigital » Thursday 02 August 2018 22:19

I am having an issue to show the 'last seen' ('last_update') datetime for some blocks.

The following works fine:

Code: Select all

blocks[2] = {} // ThermoSmart room temp
blocks[2]['width'] = 4;
blocks[2]['title'] = 'Kamer temp';
blocks[2]['last_update'] = true;
But when I configure for example:

Code: Select all

blocks[5] = {} // Weather Underground local station
blocks[5]['width'] = 4;
blocks[5]['title'] = 'Lokaal weer';
blocks[5]['last_update'] = true;
The difference here is that the first block is a sensor with just a single value and therefor only show one item on the dashboard. But the second one is a 'sensor' that has 3 values (temp, humidity and pressure) so the dashboard shows 3 items. But none of them show the 'last seen' datetime.

Already tried to just show just one item of the dashboard by specifying '5_1' within the colums spec instead of just 5, but that just shows the temp as expected but again without the 'last seen'.

Anyone a clue of what I do wrong? Couldn't find it quickly in the code so before starting to do a deep dive and trying to debug the issue, maybe I just missed something which I couldn't find on the wiki or forum?
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