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Scene settings

Post by RTJC » Tuesday 03 July 2018 15:19


I am fiddling around with scenes and groups etc. I have created 2 scenes:

AVOND: activate scene -> lights on
AVOND UIT: activate scene -> lights off

They both work and do their job.

If I activate 'AVOND' the scene puts out the notification 'AAN'. But, the scene 'AVOND UIT' (which turns all the lights off) also gives me the 'AAN' status.

And when I activate 'AVOND UIT' it shows 'UIT'.

My point is, you can only switch scenes on, not off. How is it possible that when I activate the 'AVOND' scene, both scene are activated and when I activate 'AVOND UIT' scene, it gives me the 'uit' status, while it is the activated scene.



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