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Double dashticz

Post by tontze » Monday 12 March 2018 7:40

Can dashtcz be run in two different folder in same domoticz ? If i want to run stable and beta separately, or want to run dashticz for kids separately ?
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Re: Double dashticz

Post by DewGew » Monday 12 March 2018 8:57

Yes you can or you cn use custom_2 for an additinal setup. see wiki ... Dashboards
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Re: Double dashticz

Post by aiolos » Tuesday 13 March 2018 21:37

The solution with custom_2 is a good option if you use the same dashticz version.

If you want to use Stable and Beta, you can make a second checkout of the dashticz repository. If you now have http://domoticz:port/dashticz/ you could also make a new checkout with the name dashticz_beta that can be called with http://domoticz:port/dashticz_beta/ (And with the symlink option given here you can also keep dashticz after an update of domoticz.
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