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function getBlock_233(device,idx)

Post by mhodom » Saturday 15 July 2017 20:51

Hello everybody,

Is there a way to define a selector, i have a dummy device(heater) with 5 levels, i saw the possibility to switch:
but how to keep my selector using the function getBlock()

or how to have to icons (on,off) without getblock();

Thank you very much for your participation and your help

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Script to change the RPI Touch Screen brightness

Post by Kolkos » Sunday 30 July 2017 19:19

Recently I've purchased a secondary (actually my third) Raspberry with the official Raspberry Touch Screen. On this RPI I've installed a simple LAMP server and installed Dashticz.

Let me start with saying 'Kudo's for this interface mate!'

One thing that bothers me with the Touch Screen is the brightness, by default it is far to bright and without an keyboard is pretty hard to change the brightness.

I couldn't find a way to change the brightness from within Dashticz, so I decided to write my own script.

Basically what I've done is to add a Dummy Dimmer to Domoticz and use the value of this Dimmer to change the brightness of the Touch Screen with this value. Therefore I needed a script to 'listen' to Domoticz. After that I could add this Dimmer to Dashticz.

An detailed instruction on how to install and use the script can be found here:

Please let me know if I missed something or if you experiencing any problems.


- Anton

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Re: Script to change the RPI Touch Screen brightness

Post by robgeerts » Sunday 30 July 2017 20:44

Thanks for the compliments and thanks for sharing!
Although this has nothing to do with Dashticz, it may help others using the Raspberry Touch Screen.
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Re: Script to change the RPI Touch Screen brightness

Post by Blueone » Sunday 30 July 2017 22:19

It canalso be done with dashticz, I wrote an how-to in the wiki a couple of months ago.

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