Dashticz - Function - Layout per device

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Re: Dashticz - Function - Layout per device

Post by Wob76 » Friday 22 December 2017 5:50


Loving the look of Dashticz, and I am slowing building a dash I am happy with, I have made a nice one for my iPad, and have another working well on the mobile in Portrait mode, Just wondering if there is a way to have the dash differ from portrait to landscape?

It does work in both, but layout would be better if it was more like the tablet view.

Also an extension of this question, is it possible to have a mobile behave like a tablet for swiping, The scroll works great when using portrait and using a phone normally, but I am thinking of putting a phone on the fridge\wall and would like it to function more like the tablet, set screens that are changed by swiping.


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Re: Dashticz - Function - Layout per device

Post by Marque1968 » Saturday 22 September 2018 15:26

Hi neighbour {as I'm living in Eindhoven on the S&B border}

Just starting out to play a bit with Dashticz, and came accross this post. I think this is a nicer option to use for some purposes, then using multiple indexes. However, I found out that I have an issue with the column widths.

I have column1=2, column2=3, column3=5 and column4=2. In the default they are all there:

Code: Select all

screens['default'][1]['columns'] = [1,2,3,4]
Based on the example at the top of this topic, I now created a tablet-screen (for portrait use) and want to use:

Code: Select all

screens['tablet'] = {}
screens['tablet']['maxwidth'] = 1024;
screens['tablet']['maxheight'] = 768;
screens['tablet'][1] = {}
screens['tablet'][1]['background'] = 'bg9.jpg';
screens['tablet'][1]['columns'] = [1,2]

screens['tablet'][2] = {}
screens['tablet'][2]['background'] = 'bg9.jpg';
screens['tablet'][2]['columns'] = [3]
But these columns stay their 12th of the screenwidth. So all data is condensed anyway.

Is there a way to have something like

Code: Select all

columns[1] = {}
columns[1]['blocks'] = ['blocktitle_2',135,144,'blocktitle_3','s3','blocktitle_4',6]
columns[1]['width']['default'] = 2; 
columns[1]['width']['tablet'] = 6; 

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